• Analog Cards

    Analog Cards

    With the interchangeable quad-FXS and quad-FXO modules, these analog cards can eliminate the requirements for separate channel banks or access gateways. Scaling of an analog card solution is accomplished by simply adding additional cards.

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  • Digital Cards

    Digital Cards

    Itís supposed to be the most advanced 16 ports T1/E1/J1 Asteriskģ card with superior quality in the open source community.The leading innovation ensures users to adjust the interrupt frequency to reduce the CPU load up to 70%. Openvox Digital Cards supports Primary Rate ISDN (both N. American and Standard Euro) protocol families for voice, PPP, Cisco, HDLC, and Frame Relay data mode.Both line-side and trunkside interface are supported.

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  • ISDN BRI Cards

    ISDN BRI Cards

    Openvox ISDN BRI Cards turn your legacy ISDN BRI equipment into powerful Voice over IP devices and provides a soft migration path from ISDN technology to the new Voice over IP world. It brings powerful ISDN BRI connectivity to your Linux machine.

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  • Wireless Cards

    Wireless Cards

    The Wireless Cards provides scalable connectivity to WCDMA networks for your linux machine. It comes with fully GPLed drivers for the linux 2.4.X and 2.6.X kernels. The OpenVox WCDMA card can be connected to any other OpenVox card to build a real TDM switched PBX.It enables full flexibility to traditional telephony systems to go WCDMA network and also allows systems integrators to transform highly priced fixed to mobile voice traffic into a much cheaper mobile to mobile call management, with considerable savings

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  • Hybrid Cards

    Hybrid Cards

    Hybrid Cards are versatile devices used for connecting your phone network to the PSTN world. This is accomplished through analog connected to the FXO port, phone handset connected to the FXS ports, digital lines connected to the BRI ports, and E1 ports. The Hybrid Cards allow Asterisk to connect to your phone network, creating an office type telephony environment.

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  • Transcoding Cards

    Transcoding Cards

    Openvox Transcoding Cards is a high density voice transcoding device. Because of low bandwidth requirements, the voice data compression codecs, such as G.729, G.726, iLBC, are commonly used in VoIP applications, the G.711 codecs are widespread in legacy telephone network. It makes full use of multicore-DSP, which is able to convert more sessions of different codec modes such as gsm?ilbc, g729, g726, g723, g722, g711, amr, siren14. Based Multicore-DSP, it can convert more sessions of transcoding, reduce host CPU load.

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