Excellence K1000
Excellence K1000

Excellence K1000

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Technical Specification

Main control module 
(1)CPU:Intel® Core™ i3-7100U Processor, 3M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 2 Core 4 Thread【Intel® Core™ i5\i7,optional)】
(2)Memory: DDR3 8G;
(3)Hard disk: 1T HDD + optional SSD;
(4)Graphics card: Integrated;
(5)NIC: 100M/1000Mbps Ethernet card;
(6)Sound card: integrated high quality sound card.

Interaction module 
(1)Light source: 850nm infrared light; 
(2)Positioning accuracy (bias): ≤ 2 (pixels); 
(3)Resolution: 6400*4800.

Projection module 
(1)Projector characteristics: pure laser, short focal; 
(2)Projection light source: 3.5W LASER x19pcs; 
(3)Brightness: 3300lm; 
(4)Contrast: 15000:1 (typ.); 
(5)Standard resolution: XGA (1024*768); 
(6)Light source life span: standard mode: 20000 hours; economic mode: 30000 hours; 
(7)Projection distance: 0.75-1.33 meters (focus range); 
(8)Projection size: 56.4 - 100 inches; 
(9)Screen ratio: 4:3;
(10)Power mode: Standard 210W + 15%; full load mode 330W + 15%;Standby power ≤ 0.5W

Network module 
(1)Support MIMO;
(2)Support 802.11b/g/n;
(3)Support terminal access number: 30.

Object Display Booth 
(1) Camera pixels: 2 million pixels, IP HD camera;
(2) Shooting range: 110cm*65cm;
(3)Focus mode: 18 optical zoom, auto focus.

Teacher camera 
(1)Camera pixels: 1.3 million pixels, IP HD camera (2 million pixels, optional);
(2)6, 8, 12mm optional lens, 1080*720/H.264.

Student camera 
(1)Camera pixels: 1.3 million pixels, IP HD camera (2 million pixels, optional); 
(2)4mm lens, 1080*720/H.264.

Playback mode 
(1)The built-in speakers: 2 loudspeakers, 4 euro 2 x 20W;
(2)Power amplifier: digital stereo.

Audio Recording module 
(1)Pickup range: 5-100 square meters (adjustable);
(2)Sensitivity: -30dB.

Control Box 
(1)Control and interface: 2 USB ports, 1 VGA ports, 1 MIC ports, 1 key, status indicator; 
(2)Large size: have storage for the wireless keyboard & mouse, electronic pen, electronic pointer, remote control, USB bracket (optional);
(3)Small size(optional): Excluding storage funcion.

(1)Whiteboard software; 
(2)Recording and broadcasting software;
(3)Classroom networking shareware;
(4)Object display software;
(5)Course management software;
(6)Equipment monitoring software;
(7)Remote maintenance software;
(8)Interactive teaching system client software;
(9)Recovery software;
(10)OS:Microsoft Windows 7.


Product Feature

  • Modular functional components, parts can be conveniently assembled and disassembled to simplify equipment upgrade and maintenance.
  • Tightly coupled modular circuit design makes the unit more stable.
  • Customized motherboard and OPS control cables makes the unit more compact, lighter, safer, and easier to install and deploy.
  • Redesigned software with uniformed functional interfaces is easier to use.
  • High cost performance intelligence integration
  • Easy to use intelligent operations
  • Professional & convenient intelligent maintenance
  • Convenient for later user to upgrade